VONARNEISTI FRÁ LYNGHAGA Info: Vonarneisti is a high, spectacular, first-class five-gaited Icelandic stallion featuring far above-average riding abilities and high leg action in all gaits. It is a stallion of the new type: high, slender, delicate, flexible, athletic, with a long neck, refined head and of elegant overall look. Vonarneisti is a very spirited stallion with cooperative character. Its main features (apart from the excellent character) are certainly tölt and pace. The tölt is soft, elegant, with high leg action and achieving extraordinary speeds – for its tölt it was evaluated 9.00 at the breeding evaluation, while at sports competitions the highest individual evaluation it has received was 9.5 in T1 (for fast tempo). At the breeding evaluation Vonarneisti was for its pace evaluated 9.5; the judges have considered its pace as flying – high speed, floating long steps, perfect pace. Even in the sports part – five-gait – Vonarneisti received the highest individual evaluation of 9.5 for its pace. There are very few horses which can clearly distinguish between the two lateral gaits – tölt and pace – and each of them at top-level. According to the data by the WorldFengur, the world breeding registry of Icelandic horses, there are only 19 horses which are holders of evaluation 9 or higher for tölt and at the same evaluated 9.5 or more also for the pace! Vonarneisti is among them - togehter with great stallions like his father Óður frá Brún (1989), than Fáni frá Hafsteinsstöðum (1989), Stáli frá Kjarri (1998), Illingur frá Tóftum (1998), Aðall frá Nýjabae (1999), Hrani vom Schlossberg (1999), Fursti frá Stóra-Hofi (2000), Glotti frá Sveinatungu (2002), Uggi frá Bergi (2004), Kiljan frá Steinnesi (2004) and Spuni frá vesturkoti (2006). By its extraordinary performance at the Passchampionat 2009 in Zachow in Germany, under the excellent German rider Jolly Schrenk, Vonarneisti has made it by his ridden abbillities to the elite of  best Icelandic studs of all times in the world!  Most of the horses are unable of equally high-level performance without weighs and heavier shoes or boots, therefore the training of horses for breeding shows and training for sports competitions differ very much. However, there are rare horses which at the same time can manage to perform equally well in breeding and sports. Among them is also Vonarneisti, which with this rare property attracted a lot of attention of the professional public: only half an hour after excelling in the breeding part of the competition it also entered the demanding A – flokkur (five-gait according to gæðingar rules) and ranked 3rd lagging only 0.19 points behind the stallion Tónn fra Ólafsbergi, which at 2009 world championships came first in the qualifying rounds in five- gait. Vonarneisti is always ridden only with light protective hooves, while at competitions due to the aesthetics 90 g white hoof protectors are used. For Vonarneisti there is no difference between breeding and sports competitions so its excellence is also its extreme natural balance in all gaits. Vonarneisti spent the last seasons in Germany and Denmark, where he was shown by  excellent riders: Jolly Schrenk (DE), Steffi Kleis (DE), Julie Christiansen (DK), Valdimar Bergstað (IS) and Silvia Ochsenreiter- Egli (DE). Vonarneisti proved several times, that he is indeed a top-allrounder - because he reaches: - A-class gæðingar sports (A-flokkur) - highest finale marks 8.59; - A-class FIPO sports: tölt T1 - highest finale marks 7.66, tölt T2 - highest finale marks 8.04, four-gait V1 - highest finale marks 6.80, five-gait F1 - highest finale marks 7.33, pace test PP1 - 6.98, pace race 250 m), Vonarneisti is the MiddleEuropean champion 2012 in pace race 150 m!; - A-class FIPO sports combination in five-gait; - A-class FIZO breeding and - prestigeous pleasure gæðingur. Its high breeding value is characterised by the fact that as a rule it passes on to its descendants an exceptional tölt and a spirited and cooperative character. Regarding universal features (all gaits equally developed above average, superior tölt and pace, exceptional character and contemporary look) as well as universal applicability, Vonarneisti is an excellent breeding stallion for any Icelandic mare. Vonarneisti’s undisputed breeding quality is also defined by its excellent pedigree. It is the son of Óður frá Brún who belonged to the group of elite Icelandic stallions of all times and who in contemporary and well- regulated Icelandic breeding left a permanent mark. The great Oður has passed away, therefore ambitious and the most demanding breeders who are interested in breeding only first-class Icelandic horses find it increasingly harder to find top-rated descendants of Oður. With Vonarneisti, which is currently the best rated male descendant of Oður for riding abilities and character, breeders are now provided with the rare opportunity to pursue this top-quality blood line. There are only three comparable brothers and sister of Vonarneisti on its father’s side: the mare List frá Vakurstöðum (10 for tölt, 9 for trot, 9.5 for spirit and drive, 9 for look under the rider, 9.5 for slow tölt), mare Hryðja frá Hvoli (10 for pace, 9.5 for spirit and drive) as well as stallion Aaron frá Strandarhöfði (9.5 for tölt, 9 for spirit and drive, 9.5 for look under rider). . Vonarneisti frá Lynghaga is also an excellent horse for long rides into the country. We must not forget, that we want a horse to endless enjoy with! This is where Vonarneisti˙s true gaeðingar character comes alive: temperament, endurance, speed, extreme energy and a lot of adrenaline! Despite all this it stays with the rider.....It is a witty, comfortable, wonderful and completely reliable horse for relaxed rides into nature, alone or in a group it is always pays constant attention to its rider – an incredible advantage! Vonarneisti is certainly a true gaeðingur and as a breeding horse, sports and recreational horse remains a dream of every demanding breeder. Vonarneisti  frá Lynghaga (means „a flame of hope“) IS1999184970 The owner: Agata Maček, (386) 41 777 907, e-mail: macek.agata@eltima.si      Steffi and Vonarneisti O KLUBU ABOUT US NAŠI KONJI OUR HORSES GALERIJE IN FILMI PHOTOS/VIDEOS GALERIJE IN FILMI PHOTOS/VIDEOS NAŠI KONJI OUR HORSES O KLUBU ABOUT US O KLUBU ABOUT US NAŠI KONJI OUR HORSES GALERIJE IN FILMI PHOTOS/VIDEOS O KLUBU OUR CLUB NAŠI KONJI OUR HORSES FOTOGRAFIJE PHOTOS Pišite nam!/ Contact us!